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The Article "Battlefield 2015. The technique of" participant of the Festival LE_Ranger

Aug. 24, 2015, 12:44 p.m.

We present You an article of one participant EOF "Battlefield" 2015 Nicholas Kizerova (

Festival "Battlefield" definitely would not have gotten its popularity if it didn't present a huge amount of military equipment.
Unfortunately, this year we have not seen the monsters of the past festivals "Panther", KV-2 or T-35. But in any case, we cannot say that the machinery at the festival was not enough

Some of the cars I definitely stumped and had to consult the website of the organizers

Let's start little by little?

Guns lined up in a row. They are very much, and I didn't even bother to remove them separately (they will be in the photos with reconstructions). Here German CANCER 40 and in the range of the Soviet anti — tank ZIS-3, sorokopyatka, 76-mm polkowska, howitzer M-30 and something else that I don't know...

They are a bit larger:

From the guns we turn to the technique.

The grandfather of Russian tanks — MS-1:

Soviet tanks T-70 and T-60:

Their logical evolution — self-propelled gun SU-76, and a separate branch — the T-34-76:

Go ahead. Lineup continue the Soviet self-propelled guns SU-100...

...and completes the ISU-152, in the vernacular known as "Hypericum":

In the line of tanks — T-34-85...

...and IP-2:

German technique begins with PzIIF:

Continue the Quartet's pair of Panzer IV in the range. True, false — true not this time. These converted tanks from T-44 and I must say, convincing altered — only skating rinks give:

Completing the German line-PzVI "Tiger" — the one that was made for the film "White Tiger", but in it, I've always believed:

I must say that the visitors and participants of the festival "Tiger" was wildly popular — take a picture of it without people was possible only at dawn.

A little independently there is an unknown creature with an unpronounceable name, which the Germans did with captured French tanks — ACS 10.5 cm leFH 18/4(SF) auf GW Lorraine Schlepper (f):

Mr. and sensitive common species:

The presented technique also allies.
This is the tank "Valentine" (by the way, the only common in Russia):

...and М3А1 tank "Stuart". Well and between times you can go to the light armored car — American Scout and the Soviet crawler tractor "Komsomolets":

In addition, the us APC was present in the half-track version:

Gradually turn to light armored vehicles.
On the Soviet side, the armoured cars of the BA-20M...

...And BA-3M, familiar to many according to my reports from the reconstructions:

From the German side — "Hanomag" (more precisely, their post-war Czech brethren-810):

...and "three deuces":

Now you can go to papradiski technique :)
From the Soviet confidently identify the first two — GAZ-61 GAZ-MM, but with other difficult:

Separately, there are GAS AND another GAS-MM, amphibious GAZ-46 and wormed American "Dodge 3/4":

From the German side — the traditional "Opel Blitz":

As well as some exotics. For example, "Swimage" previous incarnation of the Volkswagen Beetle:

However, the classic "Kubelwagen" too:

In addition, Mercedes L1500A:

...and the Adler 3Gd. By the way, the firm is perfectly familiar to Russians — the red "Adler" (of course, other models) have cut the trio from the film "Caucasian captive".

Allies, as always, presents "the jeep MB":

Well and finish all this beauty, the representatives of the conditionally-modern techniques designed for skiing here willing (for a fee):

And after all, that's not all...





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We inform You that in 2018 the Military Festival "Battle Field".
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May 9, 2018, 9:47 a.m.

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