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Rules safety


during the military-historical reconstruction (of events) at the Military festival "battle Field"

These Rules are standard and are the basis of the safety instructions when handling oholoschennoe weapons used by the participants in the organization and conduct of military-historical reconstruction festival on a Military "battlefield" (hereinafter "Festival").
Under the military-historical reconstructions in these Rules, refers to the reconstruction of the participants of military and historical events held at the Military festival "battle Field" in the period from 11 to 14 July 2013.
These Rules are aimed at preventing accidents during the Festival and do not restrict sensible approach to safeguarding the lives and health of others.
Due to the fact that the military-historical reconstruction is an extreme activity, and participation involves a risk to health (life) of the party, each person (participant) who participate in the Festival should be fully aware of the possible consequences of his or someone else's careless behavior.
These Rules aim to outline the main points of safety when handling oholoschennoe weapons, fireworks and explosives, strict implementation of which will provide the necessary conditions precluding accidents.
These Rules are the basis for the management, strict implementation by all Parties in the organization and conduct of military-historical reconstructions, and to familiarize Participants with these Rules.
The Festival organizer expects that each of the Participants involved in the military-historical reconstruction on Festival, reasonable and able to follow basic safety rules.
The Participant must be sent to the successful conduct of the Festival, an interesting and mutually respectful communication between Members interested in history.

  1. Members of military-historical reconstructions are REQUIRED:
    • personally acquainted with these Rules of safety;
    • to put the signature in a special journal on safety. The signature in the journal, you agree to and familiarization with these Rules.
      Participants who do not until they have read and signed the safety to participate (conduct) in the military-historical reconstruction is not permitted.
      In the case of non-compliance by the Participant of the present Rules; as a consequence, the other Party will suffer any damage (material, physical, any form of gravity), the responsibility for such damage lies entirely with the Party who caused it. Party caused the damage shall bear full responsibility in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. A member of the military-historical reconstruction is required to observe:
    • handling with models and imitations of firearms;
    • rules for the treatment of oholoschennoe arms;
    • rules for the treatment of layouts, models and machetes;
    • safety rules when using models and existing models of military and civilian equipment and vehicles; General rules of conduct set out in all documents of the event;
    • the script, the instructions of the senior group and the Rules of the Organizer during the military-historical reconstructions.
  3. To participate in military-historical reconstructions allowed persons (the Participants) are aware of these Rules and:
    • under the age of 18;
    • under 14 years of age, strictly on the basis of the relevant statements by the parents and/or legal representatives.
  4. Not allowed to participate in military-historical reconstructions:
    • persons under 14 years of age;
    • persons who are in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication; a state of temporary insanity and unbalanced mental state.
  5. To participate, use, use in military historical reconstructions allowed models, weapon models and oholoschennoe weapons that are not able to produce the battle shot and have proper the expert opinion of the competent Executive authorities of the Russian Federation.
    Due to the fact that the pyrotechnic means (petards, firecrackers, etc.), as well as simulators gun, mortar and cannon shots are classified as explosive (explosive) substances, when handling them you must be extremely cautious. Improper handling of simulation and fireworks can lead to accidents involving injury, and in some cases can lead to death. Simulators, prepared by the Organizer for use in military-historical reconstructions, are given to the Participants (are activated) only at certain time Organizer and designated areas. Any use of simulated gunfire and explosions are only on the safe disposal of Participants and Visitors. Each Participant is obliged to take measures for all Participants of the conditions of initiation imitation of shots and explosions.
    It is strictly forbidden to use combat, including hunting, the standard-issue service weapons, as well as traumatic and gas weapons, knives, any knives, sharp objects, having the opportunity to harm the lives and health of others.
  6. Treatment oholoschennoe weapons, able to produce a single (noisy) shot.
    Oholoschennoe weapon is issued to the Participant only on the passport. The passport remains in the custody of a responsible person, prior to the return, issued under the signature in magazine oholoschennoe weapons.
    The participant is required to listen to instructions on safety in handling oholoschennoe arms and his own to sign the log for safety.
    The participant is obliged to treat oholoschennoe weapon as if it were loaded and ready to fire.
    Until the beginning of the military-historical reconstruction, it is prohibited to send oholoschennoe weapons on humans or Pets, even if it's not loaded.
    The participant must keep oholoschennoe weapons so that the barrels were always directed away from people, Pets or buildings. When loading or unloading oholoschennoe weapons should be pointing the barrel upwards or into the ground, turning away from the other Participants.
    When traveling by all modes of transport within the territory of the military-historical reconstruction oholoschennoe weapons should be on the fuse or discharged, but definitely the guns up from the people nearby.
    Overcoming various obstacles – ditches, hedges, windbreaks, click on kladjam through rivers, streams oholoschennoe the weapon must be discharged.
    Avoid the shot aimed at himself, never to get collected, and/or oholoschennoe loaded weapons in the trunks.
    At the approach to the gathering of visitors, the place of halt, collection, oholoschennoe to the car the weapon must be discharged.
    Special care the Participant must comply with when firing.
    Idle noise and the ammo left after the military-historical reconstruction, did not work or not fit for use for any other reason, shall be returned to the Organizer.
    Oholoschennoe weapons are subject to Assembly/disassembly and lubrication only in a specially equipped place, under the supervision of professionals responsible for the safety and work oholoschennoe weapons.
  7. The party of military-historical reconstructions upon receiving oholoschennoe weapons must:
    When shooting a group running on rough terrain, fields, forests, reeds, thickets should be especially careful in the production of the shot. Strictly abide by the direction, constantly to maintain auditory and visual communication with other participants.
    In case of a fall oholoschennoe weapon or Party with oholoschennoe weapon should be immediately discharged oholoschennoe weapons and make sure the barrels are clean and free of dirt, snow, leaves, grass. Otherwise the shot, scored by ground, snow, grass or leaves trunks may rupture or ballooning trunks, which subsequently may cause injury to the Participant. When you hit the ground or snow in the barrel, you should immediately clean the guns.
    • in the presence of a specialist to test the mechanisms oholoschennoe weapons;
    • after the military-historical reconstruction clean and grease oholoschennoe weapons under the supervision of a specialist in a specially equipped place.
      • Member of historic reconstructions before charge oholoschennoe arms is obliged to ensure that the bore is free of foreign objects, and after his loader to put on the fuse.
      • to give another Participant oholoschennoe weapon without first examining and defusing it. Taking oholoschennoe weapons should, first of all, make sure that it is not discharged;
      • oholoschennoe to cock the gun or pull the fuse without the need;
      • make oholoschennoe weapons with the venue of military and historical reconstruction;
      • to fire from a faulty oholoschennoe weapons, a faulty idle/noise cartridges;
      • shooting at a simulated enemy (party) with distances less than 3.5 meters;
      • shooting at “noise”, “rustle”, in conditions of poor visibility;
  8. Melee and melee.
    It is prohibited to engage in melee and melee with other Members of military-historical reconstructions without mutual pre-agreed between the parties to the agreement and the approved script. Participation in the melee and/or melee is possible at age 18.
    Any items, weapons, tools, etc. which are intended to engage in melee and/or melee needs to be separately agreed upon by all Parties to this action.
    A participant wishing to participate in the melee and/or melee takes full responsibility for your life and health, and also for the life and health of other Participants in the episode.
    All approvals and consent with the Participation in episodes of melee and/or melee are made between Participants in oral or written form, on request and participating under their criminal or administrative responsibility.
  9. Without exception, all Members of military-historical reconstruction on the territory of its carrying out are obliged to wear protective headwear (hard hats). An exception is agreed with the Organizer of scenario points and points where the allowed tanksley, caps, caps and other types of headwear.
  10. On the territory of the military historical reconstructions:
    • prohibited use of flammable liquids or other weapons on the basis of the specified component, as well as other means striking actions that are prohibited to turnover the legislation of the Russian Federation, including pyrotechnics have not passed certification in the Russian Federation;
    • prohibited campfires and the use of gas cylinders for cookers (including travel), without the prior consent of the Organizer.
    Any Member of the military-historical reconstruction, having a chronic illness and felt worsening of his condition is obliged to immediately bring this fact to any Party or their leader or Organizer's representatives.
    The participant learned or noticed a decline in the health of the visitor or Participant must inform the Organiser and, if possible, to provide first aid assistance. Medical (including the first) may be treated by only specialists eligible.
    The party who signed the Annex to these safety Rules, agree to all terms and agrees to abide by these Rules.
    The participant understands that the military-historical reconstruction is a hazardous event and in case of injury during the military-historical reconstruction, with or between its conduct, be it their fault or negligent on the part of other Participants, the Participant agrees not to submit any claims to the Participants and to the Organizer of the Festival.


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