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May 07, 1941-1945, military history...

May 7, 2015, 6:08 p.m.

7 may 2015.

On this day during the war.

In 1941:

Curl began to work for the mining of the border since the beginning of 1941, wrote in his memoirs "Mines are waiting in the wings," the GRU Colonel Ivan Starinov who fortified on the Western border. But after the speech of Stalin in the Kremlin on 5 may to graduates of military academies "all that was done by installing obstacles, and mines, became even more delayed". After the war, were found the data of German intelligence, which saw the withdrawal of Soviet minefields in may-June 1941. If a country is not preparing to attack a neighboring country, on the contrary it will strengthen its borders. Clearance borders, removing barbed wire and other obstacles is preparing for only one thing – the impending attack.

In 1942:

In Tehran reported that during the war the population of Iran donated to the defense Fund of the USSR 1750 thousand reais and sent a large number of gifts of the red Army.

Shot by Czech anti-fascist and a Soviet military intelligence officer Antonin KOs.

In 1943:

On the night of may 7, in the Kuban region, North-East of Novorossiysk, our troops continued offensive battles, artillery fire and aerial bombardments destroyed the fortifications of the enemy, knocked the Germans from their heavily fortified positions.

In aerial combat shot down 27 enemy planes. Our aircraft on various parts of the front destroyed 200 German trucks with troops and cargo, suppressed the fire of artillery batteries 17.

In 1944:

Troops of the 4th Ukrainian front, seized in Sevastopol, Sapun-mountain. As a result of fierce fighting throughout broken through the main strip of the Sevastopol fortified area of the enemy, who had numerous concrete pillboxes and bunkers built on the hills and heights. All of these defenses were covered extensively developed network of trenches, wire entanglements and minefields.

Act on atrocities of Hitlerites in the village of China town, Vinnytsia region: "the Germans stole the hard labor of over 200 residents of our village. 18 January 1944 fascist thugs caught Sergei Todorovski, Chariton Sudoma and Daniel Todorovski and burned them alive just because they refused to go to Germany. A few days later the German fiends were shot farmers Xenia eagle, Anastasia ... and the others for what their relatives were hiding from deportation to German slavery."

In 1945:

Troops of the 1st Ukrainian front broke through the enemy's defenses West of Dresden.

After the failure of the German command of the garrison of the Danish island of Bornholm to capitulate aviation of the Baltic frota launched a heavy RAID on the port of rønne. The ships and aircraft of the Baltic fleet blockaded the port of Libau, to there are unable to evacuate Courland grouping.

1st division of the Vlasov army under the command of Bunyachenko and the Czech rebels have liberated Prague.

In 2 hours 41 minutes local time in the French city of Reims, in the North-West from Paris, Colonel-General and chief of staff of the Supreme command of the Wehrmacht, Alfred Jodl, later hanged as a war criminal, signed the instrument of unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. The surrender was accepted by the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the allies American General Dwight Eisenhower. From the USSR the witness was attended by General Ivan Susloparov, a former military attaché in France. Stalin this option did not suit, and he forced the allies to qualify the document as a "Preliminary Protocol of surrender", but surrender itself to accept the Nazis the next day in Berlin, "the center of fascist aggression", the Supreme command of all countries of an Antihitlerite coalition. And yet, in the West, the day of Germany's surrender on 7 may stubbornly believe.

Belgium's king Leopold ITA to be a German prisoner.

General Walther Wenck, the last hope of Hitler in the battle of Berlin, gathering the remnants of his army managed to break through to the West and surrender to the Americans.

In liberated Holland arrested Anton Adrian Mussert, founder and leader of the national socialist movement of the Netherlands, closely collaborating with the German occupiers. A year later he would be convicted and hanged "for treason and aiding the enemy."

The newspaper "Pravda" reported: Extraordinary state Commission for the removal and investigation of atrocities of Nazi invaders posted a message about the monstrous crimes of the German government in Auschwitz.



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