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May 06, 1941-1945, military history...

May 6, 2015, 1:39 p.m.

On this day in military history.

In 1941:

Joseph Stalin appointed himself Chairman of the Council of people's Commissars of the USSR. Vyacheslav Molotov was moved to the post of Deputy Chairman of the SNK with preservation behind it of a post of the Minister of foreign Affairs. Stalin for the first time officially assumed the functions of head of government. The whole world saw this as a sign that the situation for the USSR is so complicated that it could only be Stalin. Many historians consider this fact as a clear invitation to Hitler to negotiate on a different level. Molotov was officially the Chairman of the Council of people's Commissars of the USSR, but all knew that the true power belongs to Stalin. The German Ambassador in Moscow interpreted this fact differently: Stalin was unhappy with the deterioration in German-Soviet relations and the blame laid on Molotov. In addition, the Schulenburg wrote: "I am convinced that Stalin will use his new position to take a personal part in the conservation and development of good relations between Germany and the USSR."

In the headquarters of border districts passed for execution a top secret Directive of the General staff (it is not published so far), which was prepared in mid-March. Since the printing of this Directive leaked only 1 phrase: " be prepared at the direction General command cause of rapid strikes to defeat the enemy, the transfer of hostilities to its territory and the capture of important positions." Viktor Suvorov believes this Directive is proof that Stalin was still prepared for an attack on Germany. Interesting. What point of view Suvorov confirms the fact that when June 22, Stalin and the military leaders knew about the German attack, they are even more days out to border districts orders to take the offensive and to move the fighting into enemy territory. These and subsequent decrees of Moscow during the first weeks of the war create a sense that the General staff plan of defensive war were not developed at all.

In 1943:

For 3 days (6-8 may) Soviet air force conducted an operation to destroy enemy aircraft no 17 airfields. The enemy lost over 500 planes.

During the day in the Kuban region, North-East of Novorossiysk, the Germans undertook a 5 counter-attacks to regain Neberjaevskoye and Old Abakum. Our forces enemy attacks were repulsed.

Division Tadeusz Kosciuszko October 12, engaged in battle near the Belarusian village of Lenine and distinguished themselves, suffering heavy losses.

In 1944:

In the area West of Sevastopol torpedo boats of the black sea fleet defeated an enemy convoy. Direct hits torpedoes sunk three transports with a total displacement of up to 7 thousand tons and two-speed landing barges.

South of Tiraspol six scouts led by guards senior Lieutenant Gerasimov T. broke into the enemy trench and in the melee killed 10 Germans. Soon the Germans launched a counterattack. The Soviet soldiers for two hours fought the battle with numerically superior enemy forces.

Lithuanian partisans derailed five German military trains heading to the front line.

In 1945:

A day ahead of schedule Prague began operation on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Ukrainian fronts and the 1st Czech army corps in Prague, which already fought with Vlasov SS division Bunyachenko. Taken the city of Breslau.

Allies in the area of Berchtesgaden captured the former Governor-General of Poland Hans Frank. He acknowledged that he was aware of German atrocities against the poles. In the house of Frank discovered paintings and other works of art worth 12.5 million pounds, stolen in Warsaw.

Portugal broke diplomatic relations with Germany. Portugal all war had maintained formal neutrality, but had been of great help to the allies, gave them the use of their bases in the Azores, which played a huge role in the fight against German submarines in the Atlantic.

The newspaper "Pravda" reported: the Huge success of the 4th military loan. A national subscription for a new loan – a clear demonstration of Soviet patriotism. In Moscow and in large industrial centers workers and employees unanimously pass a loan to the state your monthly income or a six.

The cities of Murmansk and Smolensk was awarded the title "hero City".



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